The association

The centre for technology transfers in ceramics is an association under the law 1901. Created in 1984 in Limoges, it has been certified as a Centre for Technology Resources by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research since 1997. The cttc is the main French structure supporting innovation in the field of technical ceramics.

The association has more than 50 members from industry and academia. It is currently chaired by Mr. Alexandre Sevagen and headed by Mr. Olivier Durand.


The objective of the Association is to undertake all actions likely to create, foster, assist, promote and develop ceramic companies and users through technology transfer. The following missions aim to fulfil this objective:

  • Meet the technological needs of industry;
  • Support R&D of companies of all sizes (SMEs, medium-sized companies and large groups) and all sectors of activity;
  • Develop synergies with research, and initiate and participate in national and international collaborative projects;
  • Innovate;
  • Transfer knowledge and train.


  • A 20-person team consisting of doctors, engineers and technical experts in the field of ceramics techniques and their manufacturing process;
  • 2,000 m² of technological equipment at the Ester Technopole: several facilities for manufacturing, a characterisation laboratory, a technology platform, a platform dedicated to additive manufacturing of ceramics;
  • Close upstream collaboration with institutions (higher education and research laboratories) to reinforce the CTTC’s offer in R&D, innovation and technology;
  • An environment suitable for partnerships and direct proximity to the players of the ceramics cluster;
  • A network of partners able to meet the needs for complementary skills;
  • Regularly renewed technologies and skills. The CTTC participates in innovation in its core business through ambitious R&D programmes with the support of the New Aquitaine Region, ERDF and Ministry for Higher Education & Research.


The CTTC aims to sustainably strengthen the competitiveness of French companies by providing innovative solutions and a high level of technology that will quickly lead to new products and services.

The CTTC offers customised technological services and is committed to provide its customers with solutions in compliance with specifications, confidentiality, prices and agreed-upon deadlines.

The CTTC is committed to respect the code of ethics and confidentiality of TRCs.

History of the CTTC: 30 years of ceramic innovation (1984-2014)