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Our resources

Our human resources

A team of 26 people, doctors, engineers and technicians with expertise in technical ceramics, multi-materials and their manufacturing processes.

Close upstream collaboration with academic partners (engineering schools, universities, research laboratories) to constantly renew the CTTC's technological offer and skills.

A local ecosystem that is conducive to thinking, thanks to its direct proximity with a lot of players in the ceramics industry in Limoges, who are able to respond to the need for

Our technological resources

1500 m² of technological facilities in our own building, located at the ESTER technological park in Limoges, including an Advanced Manufacturing platform, an Additive Manufacturing platform, a Characterisation Lab and a FabLab.

From powder to object, the centre has most of the equipment needed to synthesise raw materials, transform and shape them using various processes, heat-treat raw parts, and finish them by machining or polishing.

Our technology platforms

Fabrication avancée

Advanced manufacturing

Our CERATECH by CTTC platform gathers a range of resources for the manufacturing of technical ceramics or multi-material.

Fabrication additive

Additive manufacturing

Our ALTERINOV by CTTC platform comprises a dozen printers, applying single or hybrid process for 3D printing or direct ink writing.