The cttc is certified as a technological resources centre. It is also iso9001:2015 certified and tax credit research certified.


A Technological Resources Centre (TRC) is a French certification granted by the Ministry of National Education, Higher Education and Research (MENESR) to a technological support structure for companies.

The TRC recognition procedure, intended to certify technological support structures for companies, was set up in 1996 jointly by the Ministry of Research and the Ministry for Industry. It aims to provide SMEs with the guarantee that the structure  that they solicit is able to provide appropriate responses and the level of quality expected from custom technological services.

The objective of the TRC is to provide SMEs and SMIs with custom technological services. Generally, the legal form is a non-profit organisation.

The TRC certification is attributed to structures able to respond with professionalism to the needs of SMEs / SMIs. Specifications established with the AFNOR describe the minimum requirements for obtaining this “quality certification”.

Three TRC characteristics are described as essential:

  • Professionalism in the performance of the services provided, particularly in terms of results, cost, time and confidentiality;
  • Realisation of customised services for companies;
  • Services must be for innovative projects of SMEs & SMIs.

This is technology transfer from research to companies and implies permanent contact with academic research laboratories. Source: http://aftrc.com/

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A quality management system is an approach used to define how an organisation can meet the requirements of its customers and other players associated with its business. The ISO9001 standard helps companies and organisations to gain efficiency and increase customer satisfaction. One of the major improvements made to the 2015 revised edition of this standard was to make it applicable to all types of companies, including service-oriented organisations. Source: http://www.iso.org/

The CTTC is certified ISO9001:2015 for R&D, Analysis and Training services.

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The research tax credit is government assistance that can support the efforts of companies in R&D (fundamental research, applied research and experimental development) and innovation (expenditures related to creating prototypes or pilot facilities for new products).

It aims to improve the R&D environment, and company innovations and the attractiveness of the French territory.

The CTTC is a research operator benefiting from research tax credit accreditation. The services provided by the CTTC to companies can be integrated into the expenses eligible for the research tax credit, subject to eligibility.

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