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Expertise day « Additive Manufacturing of Ceramics » and practice days during a training session at CTTC

November 26, 2019, The French Ceramics Cluster will organise an expertise day dedicated to Additive Manufacturing of Ceramics, in collaboration with CTTC. During that day (French language but slides in English), CTTC’s experts will present principles of AM technologies, products design rules, how to set and prepare feedstocks, post-treatments required, as well properties of sintered parts. (program in French)


Following that day, CTTC will complete its experts contributions with two days of training on Additive Manufacturing of Ceramics : « From design to products ». The program includes Binder Jetting, Robocasting, Ink Jet Printing, Aerosol Jet Printing, Aerosol Deposition Method, … That training session will be customised according to your needs, with the possibility to go into one or few technologies in depth, and with practice on CTTC’s printers. Be careful ! Number of trainees limited !

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